Bob Dylan, Mrs. King Get Special Degree

June 10, 1970

PRINCETON, N. J. (AP) -- Princeton University awarded honorary degrees Tuesday to singer Bob Dylan, Mrs. Martin Luther King Jr. and seven others reflecting the 1970 campus interest in peace, civil rights and the environment.

For the first time, graduates broke tradition and shunned black caps and gowns in favor of business suits and white armbands carrying the slogan: "Together for Peace, 1970."

Also for the first time, eight women received Princeton degrees. Neither Dylan nor Mrs. King, widow of the slain civil rights leader, spoke.

The decision to shun traditional robes was made by the 223rd graduating class last month, when President Nixon sent U.S. troops into Cambodia, sparking a wave of protests on college campuses. About 80 per cent of the 1,223 graduates wore armbands.

Money which would have been spent to rent robes was donated to the Princeton Community Fund, a local organization which supports antiwar and antidraft activities.


Bonus video of a Dylan concert with the Band at the end.